We are fast approaching the end of our third summer at the Fresh & Wyld Farmhouse. Through your continued support and interest in what we do, our little company has grown into a slightly bigger, well-received and well-managed Company to be proud of! We have learned a lot in a short amount of time! I have a huge heart of thanks and gratitude to all of you have made use of one of our services, or yet hope to try them soon. Our little company that started out as an organic Take-away Restaurant in the back of Mountain Naturals in Aspen, Co has now grown into a Shining Star of Local Food Networking.

We are now an 85 membership CSA, a 7 room Bed & Breakfast on 4 acres, a small and growing Organic farm and a School in Sustainability. Our Farm School teaches skills in Homesteading, Bio Dynmamic and Organic Gardening and Healthy, Seasonal Gourmet Cooking. We are also a restaurant on the Weekend that showcase our own and other Farmers fresh local produce. F&W is thriving. I thank you all and yes, this is the part where I ask you to help us with our Mortgage. We need a great Loan!

We are thriving and growing and we have so many wonderful plans for the future. However we have one very pressing need – a mortgage for the Farmhouse. I purchased this beautiful 4-acre property on a short-term owner-carry note and the balloon payment is due in January. So in the spirit of Slow Money I am asking for financial investment from my local community.

We don’t want to go the banks for this loan. We don’t want to use normal high interest, defeating and unrealistic channels for the right to stay in business. Our business is all about the re-connection of people with their food, we are good at that! All four divisions of Fresh & Wyld work synergistically towards this goal. In that same vein we wish to re-connect investors with the soulful opportunity of making an investment on a local level in their soil, their farms and their futures with a long-tem, secure, low-yielding loan to us.

Time is crucial for us, can you pass this around if you know anyone who might be interested in this investment. It is time for some major networking to happen on our behalf, and I know Community always prevails. Call me or write me with any ideas you may have, or with any questions you may have, So much Thanks, Dava

Let’s do some Feel Good, Happy Heart, Full Belly Business,  and leave Wall Street and the Big Banks out of this!