New ground. There is alot of that in my life these days. And there ain’t nothing like it. Its hard cursing sweating work at first. Clearing the land of decades of trash and rumble. Trying to brake into the hard crusts with the tiller and then just finding more rocks and debris then you ever thought could be in one place. So you curse a few more times and get back at it. Tilling more and more. Each pass getting a bit deeper into the soil. Each time turning up more junk.

But soon you begin to see through the rocks and rumble and see the soil –  neglected, bone dry, and almost lifeless but not dead yet. So you hop in the truck and fill it with some horse manure and spread that around. Then you throw on the meals – cottonseed, alfalfa, bone, kelp – and some greensand and start tilling some more. Now the soil is starting to look like it might grow something other than bindweed. Finally you rake and form it into raised beds and top it all off with some beautiful rich compost, and  water it all in. Then you let it sit. It needs a week or two to rest and begin to restructure itself.  And you could use a cold beer and a swim in the river to wash off the dust caked sweat and clear the head abit. In a couple weeks seeds will be planted which will hopefully grow into beautiful fruit and vegetables for Dava.

We’re all about new ground here at Dava’s place. Be it the expansions of the gardens into every bit of ground I can find, to the whole Slow Food/Money movements, to an environment created and held here for folks to come and work out whatever it is they need to let go of. Be it the stress from a long hard week or a long hard life.  Be they guest, our hard working help, or our neighbors and friends dropping in to say hey. The wonderful food that Dava prepares here helps all of us replenish and re-nourish ourselves.

The new ground here is very old ground. We are just doing our best to reestablish lost connections.