Rain, rain, rain. Its mid August here in Paonia and we should be having highs near 90 and dry dry weather. We are lucky to get a short afternoon shower. Yet last night I went to bed early and the storm was lighting up the sky and pouring down rain and hail and more rain. 4:00 this morning the thunder started to blast away again. The sky lit up with blinding flashes right on top of us. Then it let loose again – more rain. This morning the skies were clear and I pulled out baskets to wade into a soggy garden to start harvest. We have squash growing an inch a minute out there. The cucumbers are multiplying faster than fruit flies. The beans are coming on strong and if the chard didn’t get blasted by last night’s hail there will be plenty of beautiful leaves to harvest as well. So I got my baskets and boxes and knife and cutting shears and was ready to go. I decided another cup of coffee would be good before I waded in – let the mud dry abit I told myself. I got caught up in a short conversation with a guest and by the time I got back out to the garden the thunder was rumbling over the flank of Lamborn heading north and fast. And once again it opened up.  So here I sit writing this instead of pulling out those ever growing squash.

This has been going on for close to 3 weeks now. Or so it seems. With weather, like most things, we humans seem to exaggerate the severity and the longevity of any particular pattern. So it may have only been 2 weeks. I could look it up but I don’t want to spoil my illusion right now. On the bright side of things if there had not been so much rain lately last nights lighting storms would of set this whole place ablaze and the juniper and cedar covering the hills would be gone in a day. So there is much to be grateful for. Just have to look a bit sideways to find it somedays.