Just a few short years ago I didnt think I could ever work again. A flood had roared down on me and swept me up and deposited me in an entirely new landscape. I fought those flood waters with everything I had and to no avail. After the flood passed I stood up and looked around. I was god awful tired, beaten up, and downright broken. But I saw soon enough that the new place was a good place. A place I had always wanted to be. But I was still broken.

Just a few short years ago these fields I now work also lay fallow and beaten. Uncared for, dumped on, trampled, flooded and starved. Three years ago Dava bought the farm and the fields started to get cared for by some loving hands and souls. Now they are in my care. I am still god awful tired but now from good hard labor. For the past 4 months Ive been tilling dirt, raking dirt, hoeing dirt, piling dirt up, digging dirt down, moving dirt from here to there, hoeing dirt some more, and on  and on and on.  All in the effort to give the dirt what it needs to be healthy and perhaps happy. I dont know if Ive done right by the soil but I do know my intentions are good. Its felt good to be able to work hard once again even though Ive complained plenty about it. Im not yet beyond complaining about a good thing. Ive even had a few melt downs and been awfully close to crying once or twice. Yet I couldnt be happier with how I spend my days.

I want to do right by this soil and this garden. And I believe it will do right by me in return. We are care-taking each other. We are both getting a lot of help by some really loving people, worms, bugs and spirits galore. I thank all of them and am grateful.