Happy Belly CSA farm share offers the best produce grown every week from the North Fork Valley, delivered to your front door!  Meet your famers below!

Fresh and Wyld

Happy Belly

Happy Belly CSA is a small farm that specializes in culinary and medicinal herb production.  As we have always been, we are located at Elderberrys,  the former Fresh & Wyld property, now owned by The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.  We are dedicated to growing highly nutritious culinary herbs and vital medicinal herbs for our CSA farm share members, as well as education for use in the kitchen and beyond.  We thread together this holistic multi-farm experience, providing weekly menus and newsletters full of inspiration from the garden.  Oh, and our eggs from our funky bunch of hens are available through our egg shares too.  We geek out on herbalism out here!  Throughout the summer we will keep y’all in the loop of upcoming herbal workshops held at Elderberries.

Our team the year includes: Chloe, owner and operator.  Dava, co-owner and renowned Aspen Chef.  Nancy, lead pack crew.  Whoo Hoo!

blacklogoHappy Belly CSA
PO Box 1014
Paonia, CO 81428
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Abundant Life Organic Farm

Abundant Life Organic Farm

We are a family operated farm located in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Colorado, which is home to numerous organic farms and orchards. By family farm, I mean our children work with us and are an integral part of what we do. They have been raised on the farm and are hard workers. We are mostly a market farm at this point and our main income comes from direct selling of our product at farmers’ markets. We have a total of 90 acres, with about 10 under production. Come and visit us at the Telluride and Aspen Farmers’ Markets! Fridays 10:30-4:00 in Telluride. Saturdays 8:00-3:00 in Aspen.

Jeff & Kaylee Armstrong & Family
31505/31733 Highway 92
Hotchkiss, CO 81419
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Austin Family Farm

Austin Family Farms

Austin Family Farm is nestled in a pristine mountain valley at the edge of Colorado’s West Elk Mountains.  We (Glenn and Tony Austin) have nurtured the soils and pioneered sustainable growing methods since moving here in 1970.  You might say that soil runs through our veins.  Coming from 7 generations of farmers we hope to see many more generations live on the farm and learn to unlock the secrets of its bounty.  Fulfilling our farming dreams, three generations of our family now live and work on our small family farm. We welcome the opportunity to share our passion for this simpler lifestyle with all who desire to get closer to the soils that sustain them while supporting local agriculture.

austinGlenn & Toni Austin
14741 Canyon Road
Paonia, CO 81428

Rain Crow Farm

Rain Crow Farm

Rain Crow Farm is located near Paonia in western Colorado in the beautiful North Fork of the Gunnison River valley. Some of the peaks of the West Elk Mountains are visible from the farm (especially Mount Lamborn and Mount Gunnison). The owners, Kerry Noonan and Jason Beason, have lived here since April 1st, 2005.  They grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers without the use of chemicals or petroleum-based fertilizers. Their main crops are salad mix, carrots, beets, kale, chard, cucumbers, basil, spinach, radishes, leeks, potatoes, and cut flowers for the Crested Butte farmers markets and local restaurants.

Kerry Noonan and Jason Beason
39405 Lund Road
Paonia, CO 81428
970 399-7817
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Small Potatoes Farm

Small Potatoes Farm

Small Potatoes Farm is a vegetable market farm that strives to nurture its soils with compost and green manure cover crops. It produces vegetables year round with various season extenders and methods. By encouraging a diverse ecosystem full of life, the Farm produces healthful and delicious vegetables for its community year round. In  their wood fired brick oven, Small Potatoes celebrates the farm by roasting their fresh vegetables and baking artisan breads.

Monica Wiitanen / Scott Horner
40575 O Road
Paonia, CO 81428
970.527.4051 (Monica)
970.589.3216 (Scott)

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Twisted Root Organic Farm

Twisted Root Organic Farm

Twisted Root Organic Farm is a six acre farm based out of Paonia, Colorado, which focuses on growing high-quality vegetables, eggs,  herbs, and fruit.  They implement principles from various agricultural schools of thought in order to create an ecologically sustainable system.  Some of their favorite concepts stem from biointensive agriculture, biodynamics, peer-reviewed research, and permaculture design.

Twisted Roots primary ecological objectives are to enrich the quality of the soil, conserve water and energy, and encourage biodiversity above and below ground.

Owners:   Kristin Gross and Eric Just


Location: 15388 Hopper Lane

Paonia, Colorado 81428

Phone:     (970) 275-2838


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 Zephyros Farm and Garden

 Zephyros Farm and Garden

Zephyros Farm and Garden is a small diversified family farm on 35 acres located on the Western Slope of Colorado in the North Fork Valley. They grow Certified Organic flowers and vegetables for farmers’ markets, restaurants, florists, wholesale, and provide a unique and organic Flower CSA.

zephyrosDaphne Yannakakis & Don Lareau
11466 3725 Road
Paonia, CO 81428
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