For those of you who aren’t familiar, “CSA” stands for community sustained agriculture. This relatively new socio-economic concept changes the way food is produced, distributed and sold, creating small scale closed markets for farmers in which the consumer participates in the risk and rewards of the farm. One of the great benefits of the CSA (in addition to receiving nutrient dense fresh produce) is that it gives our farmers more opportunity to do what they do best –grow your food. The farmers also receive more money for their crops and save time by not having to market produce to stores.  This last point is a big deal.  At Happy Belly CSA we consider ourselves cheerleaders for Paonia farmers!


Happy Belly CSA is a Multi-farm CSA.  As usual we will be working with 5-7 other growers in our area every week.  This means you will get the best of Paonia and North Fork produce weekly!  Your participation in Happy Belly CSA will also help our other farmers to prosper financially for their produce that we pack in your box.  It takes a village, right? Our Box Rocks! if I do say so myself……

It is time to sign up for your Summer CSA Box. Home-delivered tasty, North Fork Grub is right around Spring’s corner! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for fresh, locally grown food.  Happy Belly CSA is going on its 13th year and our garden has been maintained going on 10 years- we are currently soil building while more perennial medicinal/ culinary herbs and shrubs are being established.

The boxes are available for purchase in the North Fork Valley, Roaring Fork Valley and in all towns leading to Telluride, by way of Paonia. We deliver right to your house in order to keep your food cool and fresh. Drop-off time varies, due to nature, traffic and the occasional glitches involved with any business, but we try to do all drops between 11am and 6 pm.

You don’t need to be home when we deliver. Lots of folks want us to put the food in their fridges and we are happy to do that for you- please let us know what you prefer. We ask that you don’t have a mean dog and  that you make room in your fridge each week. Other folks leave an ice chest on their porch and this works the best for us. Thanks for asking and it is always polite to tip ye driver!


These early enrollments mean the world to us.  Honestly, they are a sigh of relief!  Early commitments mean crucial funds to get us through the late Winter- Spring months.  And we love gift giving!  


  • Roaring Fork delivery route includes:  Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, El Jebel, Basalt, Woody Creek, Snow Mass Village, Old Snow Mass, & Aspen.  If you live in the Roaring Fork Valley, please select “Roaring Fork Delivery” option on the drop down menu when you are purchasing your Summer CSA Share.
  • Telluride delivery route includes: Hotchkiss, Delta, Montrose, Ridgway, Our, Placerville, Sawpit & Telluride.  If you are in between any of these towns we will deliver to your door step too!  Please select “Telluride delivery” option on the drop down menu when you are purchasing your Summer CSA Share.
  • Local pick up means Paonia pick up at our barn for our discounted price.  Local North Fork Residents who pick up at the Paonia barn do not have to pay our $10 weekly delivery charge. Simply go to the order form and select “Paonia Pickup Only”.  Your total will reflect the deduction of the delivery charge.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter here.  This is the primary way we will communicate with you to share what’s in your weekly delivery as well as any specials and extras (think extra fruits for pie making or canning).  You’ll want to get them- they are packed with tips for preservation, recipes ideas for box items and farm updates.
  • The Full CSA share box feeds a family of 4, or 2 to 3 veggie and fruit loving adults quite easily.
  • The Half CSA share box feeds up to a small family of 2 and is perfect for the solo person.
  • You can pay easily and securely on-line by Credit Card.  A 3% credit card processing fee will be applied under “shipping and handling”.
  • We can offer a 3% discount for check or cash payments for the CSA Shares.  When you are checking out, select check payment option and this will recalculate the total to reflect this discount.  Always mail cash or check to: Happy Belly CSA, PO Box 1014 Paonia, Co 81428.
  • Home delivery is the same is as it’s always been ($10 a week) and is already added to the cost of the CSA share.

We need final payments by June 1, 2018 and we could use your commitments to join the CSA as soon as possible to help us know how much to plant this Spring.

For our returning customers, if you need some wiggle room or creative financing, pitch it to me and we will try to be creative with you! We love you guys, and we want you all to come back this year and hopefully, you will tell all of your pals to eat the Happy Belly CSA this year!

POLICY: There are no cancellations for pre-paid CSA box shares. That being said, if you will be vacationing or absent in some way during our CSA season and you have already committed to our 16 week season, let us know. We can drop your CSA box to a friend in the valley, or if you would like we will donate your box to a local school or hospital. Many a teacher and nurse have thanked us in the past for this.


  1. Create a relationship with the person who grows your food
  2. CSA boxes are delivered to your door, no having to meet up at a drop off point
  3. Support neighborhood businesses –be a part of re-localization effort
  4. Reduce fossil fuel consumption used in out of state (or country!) food transport
  5. Support land intensive organic farming/ regenerative farming techniques
  6. Purchase nutrient dense foods
  7. Eat locally
  8. Eat seasonally ( this is my favorite point)
  9. Weekly printed dinner menus tailored around what’s in your box
  10. Receive the best weekly produce available from our growers in the North Fork Valley!

If you are not convinced contact us and we will answer any questions you have about our operation.  It’s important for our customers to understand what a CSA is and what a CSA isn’t.  Is this your first time joining a CSA?  Do give us a ring anytime.  We’re real people, we promise, and if we don’t answer we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Often times we are on the farm and in the dirt trying our best not to drop our phones in puddles!


We live in a valley of artisans whose handcrafted goods range from artisanal meats and cheeses to products made from fine local medicinal plant matter.  We proudly offer products from our valley’s finest purveyors, passionate produce growers, and wild herbalists!  Once the season begins, check back weekly for new offerings.